Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

PowerPlus offer a full design, installation and commissioning service for heat recovery systems.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery or MVHR systems can offer significant benefits and increasing numbers of house builders are using them as a practical and cost effective way of meeting ventilation and energy efficiency requirements.

MVHR systems are designed to continuously remove small amounts of air from within a building and introduce fresh air at the same time. The Heat Recovery part of the description consists of a high efficiency heat exchange which can recover 70-90% of the heat in the extracted air and use this to heat the fresh incoming air.

A Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system involves the installation of ducting to every room and requires the building to be very airtight, so it is really only practical to install it in a new build property or during a major refurbishment. Apart from the ducting, the system includes a single unit which contains the heat exchanger and circulation fans. This is usually installed in the roof space if available, but it is small enough to be fitted in a cupboard in the eaves if the house has rooms in the roof.

Some MVHR systems allow for the introduction of a filter to remove particles from the incoming air, this may help people in the house who suffer from hay-fever or other dust sensitive conditions.

The cost effectiveness of a MVHR system will depend on its efficiency level, i.e. how much electricity it uses against the amount of heat in the extracted air that can be transferred to the fresh air being fed into the house. The heat recovered is only really of use during periods when the outside air temperature is lower than that required in the house. However the system needs to run 12 months of the year as it is ventilating bathrooms, kitchen and cloakrooms etc. where extraction is compulsory.

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